Covered playground
Playing house


The Ciszterci Szent Imre Secondary Grammar School in Buda took into use its brandnew merit, the BUBORÉK (THE BUBBLE). According to the objectives of the Grammar School, the establishment will serve not only the scholastic physical education, but they stir to achive communal purposes too. One unit of it, the Covered Playground, which was formulated by the support of the XI district's self-governement and the professional management of our company, which was open during wintertime (November 2005 - February 2006) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. First of all we wanted to form the children's demands for movements, but for the smallest we created a "Manósarok" ("Dwarf corner"), where they could draw, colour and play with puzzles. Besides this, there were four inflatable toys and various sport-toys enabled to the enertainment for different-aged children, so there was a possibility to the transaction of common family programmes.
At the moment, we are preparing for the next season. In the course of it, we stir to find sponsors and promoters, and by the help of them we can rise the quality of our standars or the opening time may be lenghten. To help this, please ask our promotion offer!
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